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The Artist

c h u b b y   c h e e k   p h o t o g r a p h y . . .

a little about a session with me

This journey through photography has taught me alot…alot about life, alot about how all of the moments of our past lead us to this very moment we are in right now and while today it might mean nothing, tomorrow it might mean your whole world can change.  so these…these are the moments that matter…the same moments we forget all too soon but wish we could rememeber forever. These are the moments i want to capture for you!  whether it be that gummy 6 month old grin, or what i call "the one year old squat" you know it the one, where their curiosity gets the best of them and they just squat right then and there to observe whatever it is that distracted them...or maybe its the quiet stillness of your first born and all of the parts and pieces you have been waiting so long to see, hey its prob even the not so quiet stillness of your two year old running through a pile of leaves...  But no matter what it is we will find it, we will capture it and we will all laugh a whole lot doing it because no session with me is anything close to posed, serious or quiet, ha!    you see, the thing is these truly are the ins and outs of our everydays and these little things, these little moments...well...they are simply what makes us who we are and makes up the meaning of our lives...

my inspiration

one of the best things about having children is see’ing the world from a whole different perspective, colors are brighter, sugar is sweeter,  you live and love with abandon, and jumping off the front porch step seems like you just jumped off the empire state building.  and the best part is all of these things, those views, that perspective…. it all changes every year as they grow up right in front of our eyes.  THIS is what inspires me, my children, YOUR children, their dreams, their wishes...simply put...THEM BEING THEM.